Designing The Future has ratings and 12 reviews. Alice Elizabeth said: I agree that we need to change the way we’re living. From both a sustainabilit. Buy Designing the Future: Read 9 Kindle Store Reviews – Jacque Fresco’s futurist book, Designing the Future serves is a manifesto for redesigning civilization itself.

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What follows is that if the authors were able to obtain these top secret pictures of advanced aircraft, aren’t they aware of fuelless energy as well? What can possibly be the end result if you keep borrowing more and more money, to the point that you start borrowing just to pay the interest on your previous loans? Computerized systems are more effective because of the number of sensors they have.

Trivia About Designing The Future. I agree that this is the cause of some, even a lot, of crime, but certainly not all crime. First of all, it is inherently inhumane despite the fact that the authors sing all sorts of praises to this “progressive” and most humane ideology of “resource based economy” and the rest of it.

Eight domes house the science, art, music, research, exhibition, entertainment, and conference centers, which are all fully equipped and available to everyone. Perhaps what is needed are different people in government, ethical people who are concerned about others. How would you prevent political corruption? We are trying to adjust to the rapid advances in technology with obsolete values that no longer work in today’s world. The persons who are not as yet awake to the great conspiracy for the destruction of Christian Civilization should study it carefully and realize the great danger impending.

It is not money that people need, it is access to resources. Weishaupt formed his own Secret Society and called it The Illuminati after “Illuminism” or Witchcraft that he practiced. In a collapse, people do not actually grasp at the most ideal solutions, never mind solutions prematurely based on future technologies.


Designing The Future

When voice control is not practical or possible, alternative methods such as keypads can be used. Want to Read saving…. Just the other way around. Dec 15, Paul rated it liked it. Machines of the future are capable of desigjing and improvement, and can repair themselves and update their own circuitry.

This system facilitates efficient transportation for city residents, eliminating the need for automobiles.

Designing the Future

They contain residences, theaters, parks, recreation, entertainment centers, health care, and educational facilities, and all the requirements and amenities for a total living environment. You will simply go insane eventually living in these kinds of totally inhuman mechanical structures.

As human nature cannot be fully encoded in c Cool story. Because of the belief that the more children you have frseco more of a chance there is at least some of them will support you when you are old, which is a myth. For example, earlier in the twentieth century, defenders of the horse- mounted cavalry delayed development of the tank. For more information go to:. These providers in turn would wander the world begging for supplies, and other essentials they require to stay active.

According to him, these trains are capable of travelling at Mach 2 speeds. Jul 27, Wesley Fox rated it did not like it Shelves: The lofty columns and colonnaded porticos of ancient Greece and Rome were necessary components of their structures. Fusion energy is the same energy that drives the cosmos and the stars.

Designing the Future by Jacque Fresco — Translated by humans

Manuela Leskovar rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Well, but the UN is their “back door to enslave the world”, just as Harold Wallace Rosenthal states in his six hour long interview on record. However, I am not arguing that they are right. Kiel Hames rated it it was amazing Mar 18, This would have the added benefit of creating nice jobs for a lot of the students who tend to be thrown into positions that do not let them fulfil their true potential. Daylight can be softened and subdued according to the preference of the occupants.


It is probably the most negative model imaginable. It must be understood that technology without human concern is meaningless.

The problem with the above is that it is advocating globalization as it already exists, but neglecting a very fundamental element of that globalization: A child born deisgning inherits a world vastly different from that of its parent’s generation, let alone that from centuries ago.

Jamsheed Hassan rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Because someone has to rule it and make decision to allocate the resources, to initiate the projects and make all sorts of decisions. Just because almost everyone you know is either corrupt or violent, who cares not for others, but only about his own self-interest, it does not mean there exists no honesty or love in principle.

Book Review: Designing the Future () by Jacque Fresco – h+ Mediah+ Media

It is a well known fact that large apartment buildings in large cities are simply abandoned in many cases and are phased out and precisely because of this very inhumane effect they have on you. The main objective is to overcome scarcity and provide for the needs of all the world’s people. Secondly, what is the result of the wars? Keith James rated it it was amazing Jun 16, It is likely the same will happen with natural gas, only more rapidly.

In a way, I am fully onboard with ffuture Jacque is advocating already. Anyone who doesn’t know about it should go to thezeitgeistmovement. That is not how Intelligence works. Telephones would be entirely invisible and a component part of the interior structure, focusing sound to your ear by electronic means.

Each of these towers encloses a complete environment, containing access centers as well as childcare, educational, health, and recreational facilities.