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Bransle de la Torche, TMA 15 (Praetorius, Michael)

The term also refers to the music and the characteristic step of the dance. The name branle derives from the French verb branler to shake, wave, sway, wag, wobblereferring to the side-to-side movement of a circle or chain of dancers holding hands or linking arms Enc. Dances of this name are encountered from about and the term is used for dances still danced in France today Heartz Before this the word is encountered in dance only as the “swaying” step of the basse danse.

The branle was danced by a chain of dancers, usually in couples, with linked arms or holding hands. The dance alternated a number of larger sideways steps to the left often four with the same number of re steps to the right so that the chain moved gradually to the left.

Although originally French dances of rustic provenance, danced to the dancers’ singing, the branle was adopted, like other folk-dances, into aristocratic use by the time that printed books allow us to reconstruct the dances. A variety of branles, attributed to different regions, were danced in sequence, so that the suite of branle music gives one of the earliest examples of the classical suite of dances.

Such suites generally ended with a gavottewhich seems then to have been regarded as a species of branle. Some aristocratic branles included pantomime elements, such the branle de Poitou, the possible ancestor of the minuet, which acts out gestures of courtship.

Some of these dances were reserved for specific age groups – the branle de Bourgogne, for instance, for the youngest dancers. Branle music is generally in common time somewhat like the gavottethough some variants, like that of Poitou, are in triple time Scholes Branles were danced walking, running, gliding, or skipping depending on the speed of the music.

Branle – Wikipedia

Brit Among the dance’s courtly relations may be the basse danse and the passepied Scholes which latter, though it is in triple time, Rabelais and Thoinot Arbeau identify as a type of Breton branle. The first detailed sources for the dance’s steps are found in Arbeau’s famous text-book Orchesography.

The double branle had a simple form involving two phrases of two bars each. Arbeau gives choreographies for eight branles associated with specific regions; the Burgundian see above or Champagne, the Haut Barrois, the Montardon, the Poitou, the Maltese, the Scottish and the Trihory of Brittany; he also mentions four others without describing their steps; the branles of Camp, Hainaut, Avignon, and Lyon Arbeau—36, —53,— Most of these dances seem to have a genuine connection to the region: On the other hand, Arbeau identifies some branles as adapted to ballet and mime.

Praetorius – Bransle de la Torche from Terpsichore sheet music for Oboe –

When his student Togche asks whether the Maltese branle is native to Malta, rather than just “a fanciful invention for a ballet”, Arbeau replies that he “cannot believe it to be other than a ballet” Branls He also describes a “Hermit” branle based upon mime. There were several well-established branle suites of up to ten dances; the Branles de Champagnethe Branles de Campthe Branles de Hainaut and the Branles d’Avignon. By such suites had been standardized into a set of six dances: In the late 16th century in England the branle was mentioned by Shakespeare Love’s Labour’s Lost3.

There are even a few late examples in Beauchamp-Feuillet notation invented insuch as Danses nouvelles presentees au Roy c. The Branle seems to have travelled to Scotland and survived for some time as the brail.

But of thousands of lute pieces from England only 18 were called branle, though one called “courant” is known from continental sources as a branle Craig-McFeelychapter 2, note This is danced in duple time, and as described by Arbeau has a similar structure to the double branle.

In John Marston ‘s The Malcontentact 4, scene 2, the character Guerrino describes the steps of a dance called Beanchaes brawl Bianca’s branle:. The opening is the same as the Maltese branle described by Arbeau, but brqnle with “three singles side”, there is an interpolation of “something presumably more athletic”.

The male dancer moves away from his partner before performing a “galliard trick of twenty”—apparently a number of capers or leaps in the manner of the galliard—before returning to the conventional ending Marston, editor’s note. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Praetorius – Bransle de la Torche from Terpsichore sheet music for Oboe

Retrieved from ” https: Renaissance dance Renaissance music Triple time dances French dances Dance forms in classical music. Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from October Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from January Articles with incomplete citations from May All articles with incomplete citations Use dmy dates from April Views Read Edit View ttorche.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 30 Mayat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


– Buy La loi breyne book online at best prices in india on Read La loi breyne book reviews & author details and more at Title, La loi Breyne Volume 9 of Droit et justice · Volume 9 of Droit et justice: Nemesis. Authors, Alain Renard, Patricia van der Smissen. Publisher, Nemesis. La loi Breyne offre au bâtisseur d’une maison et à l’acheteur d’une habitation une large protection à différents niveaux. Lesquels? Photo:

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Le cautionnement issu de la loi Breyne et l’assurance caution : convergences ou divergences ?

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The proprietary did not wish to disclose the address publicly. Receive a copy of this message. The beeyne doesn’t exist.

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74HCT14D datasheet, 74HCT14D pdf, 74HCT14D data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, NXP Semiconductors, Hex inverting Schmitt trigger. 74HCT14D Nexperia Inverters HEX INV SCHMITT TRIG datasheet, inventory & pricing. 74HCT14D Ic-smhct CMOS. For a complete data sheet, please also download. The IC06 74HC/HCT/HCU/HCMOS Logic Family Specifications The IC

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In electronicsa Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit with hysteresis implemented by applying positive feedback to the noninverting input of a comparator or differential amplifier. Datasneet is an active circuit which converts an analog input signal to a digital output signal.

The circuit is named a “trigger” because the output retains its value until the input changes sufficiently to trigger a change.

In the non-inverting configuration, when the input is higher than a chosen threshold, the output is high. When the input is below a different lower chosen threshold the output is low, and when the input is between the two levels the output retains its value. This dual threshold action is called hysteresis and implies that the Schmitt trigger possesses memory and can act 74hct14v a bistable multivibrator latch or flip-flop.

There is a close relation between the two kinds of circuits: Schmitt trigger devices are typically used in signal conditioning applications to remove noise from signals used in digital circuits, particularly mechanical contact bounce in switches.

They are also used in closed loop negative feedback configurations to implement relaxation oscillatorsused in function generators and switching power supplies. The Schmitt trigger was invented by American scientist Otto H. Schmitt in while he was a graduate student, [1] later described in his doctoral dissertation as a “thermionic trigger. Circuits with hysteresis are based on the fundamental positive feedback idea: The positive feedback is introduced by adding a part of the output voltage to the input 74hcg14d.

There are three specific techniques for implementing this general idea. The first two of them are dual versions series and parallel of the general positive feedback system. In these configurations, the output voltage increases the effective difference input voltage datasheef the comparator by ‘decreasing the threshold’ or by ‘increasing the circuit input voltage’; the threshold and memory properties are incorporated in one element.

In the third techniquethe threshold and memory properties are separated. Dynamic threshold series feedback: For this purpose, it subtracts a part of its output voltage from the threshold it is equal 74hhct14d adding voltage to the input voltage. Thus the output affects the threshold and does not impact on the input voltage.

These circuits are implemented by a differential amplifier with ‘series positive feedback’ 74hct14c the input is connected to the inverting input and the output – to the non-inverting input. In this arrangement, attenuation and summation are separated: Examples are the classic transistor emitter-coupled Schmitt triggerthe op-amp inverting Schmitt triggeretc. Modified input voltage parallel feedback: Thus the output augments the input voltage and does not affect the threshold.

These circuits can be implemented by datashet single-ended non-inverting amplifier with ‘parallel positive feedback’ where the input and the output sources are connected through resistors to the input. The two resistors form a weighted parallel summer incorporating both the attenuation and summation. Examples are the less familiar collector-base coupled Schmitt triggerthe op-amp non-inverting Schmitt triggeretc. Some circuits and elements exhibiting negative resistance can also act in a similar way: In the last case, an oscillating input will cause the diode to move from one rising leg of the “N” to the other and back again as the input crosses the rising and falling switching thresholds.

Two different unidirectional thresholds are assigned in this case to two separate open-loop comparators without hysteresis driving a bistable multivibrator latch or flip-flop. The trigger is toggled high when the input voltage crosses down to up the high threshold and low when the input voltage crosses up to down the low threshold.

Again, there is a positive feedback but now it is concentrated only in the memory cell. Examples are the timer and the switch debounce circuit. The symbol for Schmitt 74cht14d in circuit diagrams is a triangle with a symbol inside representing its ideal hysteresis curve.

The original Schmitt trigger is based on the dynamic threshold idea that is implemented by a voltage divider with a switchable upper leg 74hvt14d collector resistors R C1 and R C2 and a steady lower leg R E.

Q1 acts as a comparator with a differential input Q1 base-emitter junction consisting of an inverting Q1 base and a non-inverting Q1 emitter inputs. The input voltage is applied to the inverting input; the output voltage of the voltage divider is applied to the non-inverting input thus determining its threshold. The comparator output drives the second common collector stage Q2 an emitter follower through the voltage divider R 1 -R 2. The emitter-coupled transistors Q1 and 74hct14s actually compose an electronic double throw switch that switches over the upper legs of the voltage divider and changes the threshold in a different to the input voltage direction.

This configuration can be considered as a differential amplifier with datasheeg positive feedback between its non-inverting input Q2 base and output Q1 collector that forces the transition process.

There is also a smaller negative feedback introduced by the emitter resistor R E. Thus less current flows through and less voltage drop is across R E when Q1 is switched on than in the case when Q2 is switched on. For the NPN transistors shown on the right, imagine the input voltage is below the shared emitter voltage high threshold for concreteness so that Q1 base-emitter junction is reverse-biased and Q1 does not conduct.

The Q2 base voltage is determined by the mentioned divider so that Q2 is conducting and the trigger datashdet is in the low state.

The two resistors R C2 and R E form another voltage divider that determines the high threshold.

74HCT14D – Hex inverting Schmitt trigger | Nexperia

Neglecting V BEthe high threshold value is approximately. The output voltage datasheeh low but well above ground. It is approximately equal to the high threshold and may not be low 74hxt14d to be a logical zero for next digital circuits.

This may require additional shifting circuit following the trigger circuit. Crossing up the high threshold. When 774hct14d input voltage Q1 base voltage rises slightly above the voltage across the emitter resistor R E the high thresholdQ1 begins conducting. Its collector voltage goes down and Q2 begins datsheet cut-off, because the voltage divider now provides lower Q2 base voltage.

The common emitter voltage follows this change and goes down thus making Q1 conduct more. The current begins steering from the right leg of the circuit to the left one. This avalanche-like process continues until Q1 becomes completely turned on saturated and Q2 turned off. Now, the two resistors R C1 and R E form a voltage divider that determines the low threshold.

Its value is approximately. Crossing down the low threshold.

74HCT14D Datasheet pdf – Hex inverting Schmitt trigger – NXP Semiconductors

With the trigger now in the high state, if the input voltage lowers enough below the low thresholdQ1 begins cutting-off. Its collector current reduces; as a result, the shared emitter voltage lowers slightly and Datssheet collector voltage rises significantly. The R 1 -R 2 voltage divider conveys this change to the Q2 base voltage and it begins conducting. The voltage across R E rises, further reducing the Q1 base-emitter potential in the same avalanche-like manner, and Q1 ceases to conduct.

Q2 becomes completely turned on saturated and the output voltage becomes low again. The classic non-inverting Schmitt trigger can be turned into an inverting trigger by taking V out from the emitters instead of from a Q2 collector.

Life Support for the Procurement Process

In this configuration, the output voltage is equal to the dynamic threshold the shared emitter voltage and both the output levels stay away from the supply rails. Another disadvantage is that the load changes the thresholds so, it has to be high enough. The base resistor R B is obligatory to prevent the impact of the input voltage through Q1 base-emitter junction on the emitter voltage. To simplify the circuit, the R 1 —R 2 voltage divider can be omitted connecting Q1 collector directly to Q2 base.

The base resistor R B can be omitted as well so that the input voltage source drives directly Q1’s base. Only Q2 collector should be used as an output since, when the input voltage exceeds the high threshold and Q1 saturates, its base-emitter junction is forward biased and transfers the input voltage variations directly to the emitters. As a result, the common emitter voltage and Q1 collector voltage follow the input voltage. This situation is typical for over-driven transistor differential amplifiers and ECL gates.

Like every latch, the fundamental collector-base coupled bistable circuit possesses a hysteresis. So, it can be converted to a Schmitt trigger by connecting an additional base resistor R to one of the inputs Q1 base in the figure.

The two resistors R and R 4 form a parallel voltage summer the circle in the ballock diagram above that sums output Q2 collector voltage and the input voltage, and drives the single-ended transistor “comparator” Q1. Thus the output modifies the input voltage by means of parallel positive feedback and does not affect the threshold the base-emitter voltage.

The emitter-coupled version has the advantage that the input transistor is reverse biased when the input voltage is quite below the high threshold so the transistor is surely cut-off.

It was important when germanium transistors were used for implementing the circuit and this advantage has determined its popularity. The input base resistor can be omitted since the emitter resistor limits the current when the input base-emitter junction is forward-biased.

An emitter-coupled Schmitt trigger logical zero output level may not be low enough and might need an additional output shifting circuit. The collector-coupled Schmitt trigger has extremely low almost zero output at logical zero. Schmitt triggers are commonly implemented using an operational amplifier or a dedicated comparator. Due to the extremely high op-amp gain, the loop gain is also high enough and provides the avalanche-like process.

In this circuit, the two resistors R 1 and R 2 form a parallel voltage summer. It adds a part of the output voltage to the input voltage thus augmenting it during and after switching that occurs when the resulting voltage is near ground. This parallel positive feedback creates the needed hysteresis that is controlled by the proportion between the resistances of R 1 and R 2.

The output of the parallel voltage summer is single-ended it produces voltage with respect to ground so the circuit does not need an amplifier with a differential input. Since conventional op-amps have a differential input, the inverting input is grounded to make the reference point zero volts.

The output voltage always has the same sign as the op-amp 74hct14v voltage but it does not always have the same sign as the circuit input voltage the signs of the two input voltages can differ. Datadheet the circuit input voltage is above the high threshold or below the low threshold, the output voltage has the same sign as the darasheet input voltage the circuit is non-inverting. It acts like a comparator that switches at a different point depending on whether the output of the comparator is high or low.

When the circuit input voltage is between the thresholds, the output voltage is undefined and it depends on the last state the circuit datsaheet as an elementary latch. The input voltage must rise above the top of the band, and then below the bottom of the band, for the output to switch on plus and then back off minus. If R 1 is zero or R 2 is infinity i.

The transfer characteristic is shown in the picture on the left. A unique property of circuits with parallel positive feedback is the impact on the input source.

Here there is no virtual ground, and the steady op-amp output voltage is datassheet through R 1 -R 2 network to the input source. The op-amp output passes an opposite current through the input source it injects current into the source when the input voltage is positive and it draws current from the source when it is negative.


arwiki قناة البنكرياس; cawiki Conducte de Wirsung; dewiki Ductus pancreaticus; enwiki Pancreatic duct; eswiki Conducto de Wirsung; fowiki Wirsung kanalin. La derivación del conducto de Wirsung es uno de los pilares del tratamiento ” derivation” is not used in this context – and I would avoid “Wirsung” – the structure . The diameter of the (main) pancreatic duct is a commonly assessed parameter in imaging. Gross anatomy The duct diameter is greatest at the head and neck.

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Login or register free and only takes a few minutes to participate in this question. You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have wrsung jobs or are passionate about them.

Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with translations or explanations of terms and short phrases.

derivación del conducto de Wirsung | Spanish to English | Medical (general)

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of dw. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Grading comment 4 KudoZ points were awarded for this answer. Numerous good sites about surgery for chronic pancreatitis on the net.

Dr Sue Levy X.

See in particular “drainage procedures”, “pancreaticojejunostomy”. It’s not called a shunt.

File:Biliary system multilingual.svg

Automatic update in Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer. Drainage of the duct of Wirsung. Return to KudoZ list.

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[Acute pancreatitis and afferent loop syndrome. Case report].

Close and don’t show again Close. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Term search All of ProZ. Spanish term or phrase: It could be Wirsung duct or Wirsung’s duct.

Wirsung’s Canal Derivation Explanation: English, Spanish PRO pts in category: Login to enter a peer comment or grade.

Wirsung’s duct shunt Explanation: English PRO pts in category: Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. Online calls it a pancreatic wisung derivation http: Drainage of the duct of Wirsung Explanation: It much more agrees with your context here. English, Greek PRO pts in category: Dr Sue Levy X:


Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing. Wargaming web-store with low prices, speedy delivery and excellent customer service. Specialising in Warhammer Fantasy and . DATASLATE: ADEPTUS ASTARTES STORM WING Army and Battlefield Role An Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing is a Formation that consists of the following units. As it says on the title, this is the unboxing of the Limited Edition kit Games Workshop put together known as the Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing.

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Descending screaming from the heavens and plunging straight into the fray without hesitation, the Storm Wing relies on speed, surprise and immense firepower to seize and hold strategic points and destroy the enemy before they can begin to react.

Small Update – Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing Progress : GRIM DARK REALMS

Strafing runs by this Wing leave enemy formations in disarray, as the Stormraven wing leader drops its Space Marines passengers straight into the middle of the battle, ascending to a holding pattern and providing support fire.

Wign defensive capabilities of the Storm Wing are virtually unmatched by anything in the galaxy.

This bundle supplies you with all the miniatures necessary to field the Storm Wing, a Space Marines formation from Death From the Skies.

I know I should of storn better progress then this, but I think I’ve rather well. I know I might of mentioned about the twin-linked multi-melta twice but hey: Hope you enjoy and sorry for the bad camera angels and poor audio, I will fix that for future videos.

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We are collecting history of miniatures. Noncommercial project, we do not sell anything. Networks News blog Where to find more information Help.

Webstore Exclusive Descending screaming from the heavens and plunging straight into the fray without hesitation, the Storm Wing relies on speed, surprise and immense firepower to seize and hold strategic points and destroy the adeptuw before they can begin to react. Submitted by Miniset on 5 May, – Progress of my Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing. Unboxing of the Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing.

Storm Wings

Storm Wing Squadron formation from the Dataslate. Set of the day?

More information about text formats. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. I’m not a spammer.

What miniatures to add next? All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners.


astarted We are looking for Miniature’s Collectors to combine efforts in gathering all information about miniatures from over the world! Contact form or mail miniset. Today I’m reviewing the storm wing data slate enjoy!!!


Zolza to superbabka, a nie jędza czy babsztyl. Jest niezależna i nie przestaje być sobą. Mówi, co myśli, i robi, co chce. Jej zadziorność pociąga mężczyzn i. Dlaczego Mezczyzni Kochaja Zolzy (Polska wersja jezykowa) [Sherry Argov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wydanie rozszerzone. Dlaczego mezczyzni kochaja zolzy / Dlaczego mezczyzni poslubiaja zolzy on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Title, Dlaczego mezczyzni kochaja zolzy. After a number of repeats of this procedure, he tried the bell on its own.

But on the bright side there were really stellar quotes that meant a mezczyzni kochaja zolzy to me. After a few dlacezgo, you realize the book is more about you as a woman and being a strong woman who can dlaczzego through mzeczyzni nonsense some men spew, than it is about finding, dating and keeping a relationship. And yes, we all need to be a little bitch sometimes. I really think this book is a must mezczyzni kochaja zolzy for all the girls out there who think that the sun revolves around their boyfriends.

Dlaczego mezczyzni kochaja zolzy: Sherry Argov: : Books

It is a perfect read for girls who needed a little bit of a boost on their self-confidence and for girls mezczyzzni are in a zolyz and co-dependent relationship. In which case I have mezczyzni kochaja zolzy thing to say: Songs about sex with the Trebles.

Give this one a try for a fresh perspective on relationships. Because it is a lie.

Dlaczego mezczyzni kochaja zolzy : Sherry Argov :

The Wife Joel Morris. What turns a man on about an independent woman is that she is independent of him.

zolzj How come someone like mezczyzni kochaja zolzy recommends such a horribly entitled book?!! In my opinion you are trying to fix something that is not the root of the problem.

Dlaczego Mezczyzni Kochaja Zolzy Sherry Argov Polska Ksiazka OD Reki

The underlying premise of the dlqczego is about having self respect, self love and maintaining control of yourself and your power as a woman. Milk and Mezczyzni kochaja zolzy Rupi Kaur.

Less Andrew Mezczyzni kochaja zolzy Greer. This book is great advice for any women are are pushovers.

Dlaczego mezczyzni kochaja zolzy

If this book is by any means an accurate depiction of modern relationships — hell no. I feel effective enough as I mezczyzni kochaja zolzy right now. And what do you know? Non fiction is unfamiliar territory but I was pressed for time due to festive torture Of course, in dealing with people and I mean anyone, not just a manyou sometimes have to say things in a certain way, with certain timing, or tone of voice.

A few years later Mezczzni met my current boyfriend, and a year and half later we are both completely happy and in love living together. The Confidence Code Claire Shipman.

Because he formed the habit of treating her with respect before he got what he wanted. Men mezczyzni kochaja zolzy phase out, or get defensive, or altogether start ignoring you. I used the advice in the first half of the book, and got a rather good result. That is entirely the wrong message to send out to women, young or old.

Dear Zoo Rod Mezczyzni kochaja zolzy.


Transcript of colocación de la sonda Nasogástrica. Es un tubo flexible, tiene uno o dos conductos conectados a los dispositivos externos. Curso Taller Colocación de Sonda Nasogástrica, Nutrición Enteral. Public. · Hosted by Rebagliati Cursos y Congresos and Rebagliati Diplomados. Interested . Curso Taller ” Sonda Nasogastrica (Colocación y cuidados). Public. · Hosted by Escuela En Salud and 6 others. Interested.

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Colocacio vs nasogastric tube feeding in patients with head and neck cancer during radiotherapy alone or combined chemoradiotherapy.

Colicacion with head and neck cancer HNC submitted to radiotherapy alone or combined chemoradiotherapy present a high prevalence of malnutrition at baseline. Prophylactic use of gastrostomy has been suggested for these patients for delivering enteral nutrition.

On the other hand, other authors have failed to demonstrate the effectiveness of this measure over nasogastric tube feeding. We studied 40 patients with HNC with moderate or severe malnutrition who were nasogastrocas either prophylactic percutaneous gastrostomy before starting oncologic treatment or close follow-up with nutritional counseling with the placement of a nasogastric tube when necessary.

The amount of delivered energy was above the estimated energy needs with both gastrostomy and nasogastric tube feeding, but there were no differences in the total energy provided by enteral nutrition between groups.

Taller Colocación Sonda Nasogastrica, Nutric. Enter. Y Lavado G

Both gastrostomy and nasogastric tube feeding are effective methods of delivering enteral nutrition in patients with HNC submitted to radiotherapy alone or combined chemoradiotherapy, with no differences between them in terms of avoiding further nutritional deterioration. Head and neck cancer; Malnutrition; Enteral nutrition; Gastrostomy; Nasogastric tube; Chemoradiotherapy. Malnutrition contributes to an increased risk of toxicity, infection, and healthcare costs, as well as decreased treatment response, compliance, quality of life, and ultimately patient survival 1 2 3.

Besides, most of the radiotherapy-related toxicities are closely associated with nutritional problems 4. Given the deteriorating side effects of radiotherapy combined or not with chemotherapy, several trials in patients undergoing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer HNC showed that the nutritional intervention positively influenced weight, nutritional status, and quality of life compared sondsa usual care 5 6 7 8 9 Furthermore, it has been suggested that prophylactic use of gastrostomy could be important for patients with HNC submitted to radiotherapy, combined or not with chemotherapy, with a high risk of developing mucositis and severe malnutrition On the other hand, other authors have failed to demonstrate the effectiveness of prophylactic gastrostomy The latter may interfere with normal eating behavior and pose the patient in a high risk of malnutrition 13having also a higher mortality risk Nutritional intervention is a very important component of the care of these patients and has to be implemented in early stages and in an individualized way, including a dietician counseling 15 16 Nasogatricas this study we aimed to evaluate the effects of enteral nutrition either through prophylactic gastrostomy or close follow-up with oral nutritional supplements and delayed placement of nasogastric tube in malnourished patients with HNC submitted to radiotherapy alone or combined chemoradiotherapy.

We studied 40 patients with HNC attending the Department of Oncology with moderate or severe malnutrition before starting oncologic treatment. The protocol at our institution included the following steps, as previously reported Patients with B o C rating those with moderate or severe nsaogastricas were offered nasoagstricas prophylactic percutaneous gastrostomy before starting oncologic treatment or close follow-up with nutritional counseling and oral nutritional supplements, with the placement of a nasogastric tube if necessary.

Therefore, this study was not randomized, and patients took part in the decision after explaining to them the pros and cons of each procedure.

Patients with severe liver or renal failure were excluded. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic was applied to continuous variables to assess normality.

Logarithmic or square root transformations were applied as needed to ensure a normal distribution of the variables. The analysis of baseline and final variables was performed by the paired Student’s t test, the Wilcoxon test, or the General Lineal Model GLM repeated measures tool for the inclusion of between factors or covariates.

Of the 40 included patients, seven were women and 33 were men. They had the following tumors: Enteral nutrition was delivered through nasogastric tube in 29 patients and percutaneous gastrostomy, in eleven patients. Baseline characteristics were similar in both groups Table I. The amount of delivered energy was above the estimated energy expenditure with both gastrostomy and nasogastric tube feeding, but there were no differences in the total energy provided by enteral nutrition between groups Fig.

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Columns show means and error bars show standard error of means. Columns show means and error bars show standard error of means EEN: Estimated energy needs; EN: The remaining patients were able to restore the oral route, and enteral nutrition was discontinued at the end of follow-up.

No severe complications were reported associated to enteral feeding, and no infections after gastrostomy placement were encountered either.

Patients with HNC submitted to treatment naosgastricas radiotherapy alone or combined chemoradiotherapy usually present a high prevalence of malnutrition at baseline as assessed by previous studies 10 19 Several symptoms such as anorexia, dysphagia, mouth sores, and others are significant predictors of reduced dietary intake and weight loss in these patients 21 22 23 24 25 26and we have previously found a high prevalence of these digestive symptoms in our patients before starting nutritional support Nutritional intervention and sondzs counseling have shown to be effective in ameliorating malnutrition in patients with HNC treated with radiotherapy, showing that this intervention was more effective than oral intake ad libitum 7.

Other authors have shown that early and intensive individualized dietary counselling by a dietician produces clinically relevant effects in terms of decreasing weight loss colocscion malnutrition We have also previously shown that an individual-basis nutritional intervention with an intensive follow-up was effective in df further weight sohdas On the other hand, prophylactic use of gastrostomy for enteral nutrition has been suggested to be important for patients with HNC submitted to chemoradiotherapy with high risk of developing mucositis and severe malnutrition 11 Besides, other authors have failed to demonstrate the effectiveness of prophylactic gastrostomy These contradictory results may respond to different nutritional status of the included patients and the type of therapy received.

In this sense, a study performed dw patients with locally advanced HNC undergoing definitive chemoradiotherapy showed that they obtained significant clinical benefit from the early placement of gastrostomy tubes for nutritional supplementation Other study has also shown that adequate enteral nutrition by the insertion of gastrostomy tube can increase the completeness rate of concurrent chemotherapy Some recent studies have not been able to show a definite advantage for gastrostomy over nutritional counseling with the associated insertion of nasogastric tube when needed: Also, a recent network meta-analysis evaluating the comparative effects of prophylactic percutaneous gastrostomy and nasogastric tube feeding in HNC patients receiving radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy did not show differences in tube-related complications, and both endoscopic percutaneous gastrostomy and nasogastric tube feeding were similar and superior to radiologic gastrostomy in the management of weight loss Therefore, the choice between these methods for delivering enteral nutrition in patients with HNC submitted to radiotherapy alone or re needs to be further investigated in aondas randomized controlled trials.

A limitation of our study is that it was not a randomized one, and patients’ a priori preferences for gastrostomy or nasogastric tube feeding may have produced some influence in the study results. In conclusion, either gastrostomy or nasogastric tube feeding are effective methods of delivering enteral nutrition in patients with HNC submitted to radiotherapy sonas or combined chemoradiotherapy, with no differences between them in terms of avoiding further nutritional deterioration.

Nutritional support of the cancer patient. CA Cancer J Clin ;48 2: Nitenberg G, Raynard B. Nutritional support of the cancer patient: Crit Rev Oncol Hematol ;34 3: Nutrition support therapy during adult anticancer treatment and in hematopoietic naskgastricas transplantation. Impact of nutrition intervention outcome – Nutrition issues for patients. Nutrition intervention is beneficial in oncology outpatients receiving radiotherapy to the gastrointestinal or head and neck area.

Br J Cancer ;91 3: Does nutrition influence quality of life in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy? Radiother Oncol ;67 2: Impact of nutrition on outcome: A prospective randomized controlled trial in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy. Head Neck ;27 8: Dietary counseling improves patient outcomes: A prospective, randomized, controlled trial in colorectal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy.

J Clin Oncol ; 23 7: Nutrition support using the American Dietetic Association medical nutrition therapy protocol for radiation oncology patients improves dietary intake compared with standard practice. J Am Diet Assoc ; 3: Evaluation of nutritional status in cancer patients receiving radiotherapy: Am J Clin Oncol ;29 2: Decreased hospital stay and significant cost savings after routine use of prophylactic gastrostomy for high-risk patients with head and neck cancer receiving chemoradiotherapy at a tertiary cancer institution.

Colocacion de Sonda nasogastrica

Head Neck ;35 3: Energy intake and sources of nutritional support in patients with head and neck cancer-a randomised longitudinal study. Eur J Clin Nutr ;67 1: Nutritional status of patients treated with radiotherapy as determined by subjective global assessment. Radiat Oncol J ;30 3: Pretreatment performance status and nutrition are associated with early mortality of locally advanced head and neck cancer patients undergoing concurrent chemoradiation.

Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol ; 6: Nutrition support and therapy in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.

Colocación de sonda nasogastrica by Estefania Santamaría Rodríguez on Prezi

Curr Gastroenterol Rep ;14 4: Nutritional counselling and oral nutritional supplements in head and neck cancer patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy. J Hum Nutr Diet ;25 3: A dietitian-led clinic for patients receiving chemo radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. Support Care Cancer ;20 9: Nutritional support in patients with head and neck cancer during radiotherapy alone or combined chemoradiotherapy.

Nutr Ther Metab ; Eur J Clin Nutr ;57 2: Predict factors associated with malnutrition from patient generated subjective global assessment PG-SGA in head and neck cancer patients. Nutr Hosp ;28 1: Epstein JB, Barasch A.

Taste disorders in cancer patients: Pathogenesis, and approach to assessment and management. Oral Oncol ;46 2: Head Neck ;32 3: Assessment of nutritional status at the time of diagnosis in patients treated for head and neck cancer. Malnutrition in patients treated for oral or oropharyngeal cancer-prevalence and relationship with oral symptoms: Support Care Cancer ;19 A clinical audit of the nutritional status and need for nutrition support amongst head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy.

Australas Med J ;5 1:


Introducción a la economía. Front Cover. José Paschoal Rossetti. Harla, Introducción a la economía: enfoque latinoamericano. Snippet view – Buy Introduccion a la Economia – 18b: Edicion by Jose Paschoal Rosetti (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. introduccion a la economia jose paschoal rossetti. Fri, 07 Dec GMT introduccion a la economia jose pdf -. MACROECONOMÕA. Introducción a.

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Introduccion a la Economia by Jose Paschoal Rossetti

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Introduccion a la Economia by Jose Paschoal Rossetti. A tres decadas de publicada, esta obra conserva todas las caracteristicas que la han convertido en un libro clasico en la materia: Por anadidura, el joose se ha impuesto en cada nueva edicion el desafio de hacer un A tres decadas de publicada, esta obra conserva todas las caracteristicas que la han convertido en un libro clasico en la materia: Por anadidura, el autor pascboal ha impuesto en cada nueva edicion el desafio de hacer una reestructuracion amplia que contemple la complejidad de los cambios economicos que han ocurrido en los ultimos tiempos, de modo que siempre se senalen los retos y las oportunidades que en materia economica encaran las naciones de America Latina.

Aun mas, puesto que el autor reconoce la necesidad de que la sociedad discuta los nuevos enfoques economicos, los expone a los estudiantes y les presenta, al final de cada capitulo, un conjunto de problemas para que reflexionen de acuerdo con sus convicciones, valores y referencias de vida.

Introduccion a la Economia : Jose Paschoal Rosetti :

Todo ello convierte la obra en una verdadera sintesis didactica del conocimiento economico. Paperbackpages.

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Introduccion a la Economia

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Published: Thrissur Kerala sahithya akademi Subjects: Malayalam literature – Stories, – Tags: Add Tag. No Tags, Be the first to tag this record!. Malayalam cherukathakal Ebooks – Read Malayalam Cheru Kathakal Books exclusively on Dailyhunt. Pages in category “Malayalam short story writers”. The following 73 pages are in this category, out of 73 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn.

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Add to My Cart. Birds Of Love-Shore D. It is an indefinable emotion, which anybody can feel towards anybody, anywhere, anytime, irrespective of age or other barriers.

Will there be anybody in this world, who has not ever relished the sublime feeling of Love? This is a collection of true to life love stories; the stories which depict love from teenage to the state of old age.

Translator’s note Are the terms ‘falling in love’ and ‘love at first sight’ misnomers? Yes, to some extent, according to me at least, they are.

Nobody ‘falls’ really, know? So also, malayqlam at first sight can be termed as ‘crush’ or ‘infatuation’, especially during teenage, the time when the estrogen hormone plays hide and seek in one’s life.

Pranayatheerathe Paravakal: Cherukatha samaharam by D.J. (Malayalam) | Antrik eBookstore

However, this collection of short stories by Malayalqm. Deepa Menon made me alter my preconceived notions. The stories made me feel that they are true to life and can happen anywhere. The characters made me feel that they are living next door. Most of the stories in this book narrate love at first sight or falling in love and cherhkatha plight of their lives afterwards.

Mencken, the American writer of yester years. I have always felt that it is an apt statement to describe love.

Malayalam literature

The general impression about such falling in love is that, most of it does not mature into marriage as is the ‘set’ norm in life, and in case it does, it fails inevitably. Recently, I happened to translate a pathography, which also described ‘falling in love at first sight’. The relationship matured into marriage and it grooved for thirty nine years or so, it said.

So love at first sight cannot always be ruled out as an immature sentiment.

Category:Malayalam short story writers

The first story in this book “The destiny” describes such an impulsive love. But to my surprise, the love has not failed, even though their lives did not prosper. The rich heroine preferred to live with her poor husband even when she could easily grab back her luxurious life at her home. The second story, ‘Super Express KL7D Kodungallur to Thrissur’ is the typical example of the crush of a rich village girl who did not have any exposure to life.

The story gives the moral that, wise intervention by the concerned families can prevent a marriage from being shattered.

The family did not decide to break up the relationship, which was quite an easy job. Instead, they honored the life of the boy also.

The story of “Jodhpur Ravi” revolves around two individuals who never malayalma their decisions and worked hard to achieve prosperity in life.

They did not resort to any short cut methods other than hard work. They, who began their life from scratches, rose to the status of employers from the state of mere employees with meager salaries.

Hard work paid dividend, and their lives thrived!

Good moral of course, to the young readers, I presume! The story of Urmilla and her family is a true to life example of ‘middle child syndrome.

The middle child’s life went astray, resulting in big catastrophe. The story reminds that children should not be simply brought up, but their emotional dispositions should also be taken care of. Thus each and every story has something to tell the readers. We can of course enjoy the ‘love’ part of it and at the same time learn how human minds work. There is no set ways in case of love. If you are bold enough to fuse some intelligence also into your love, your life will not fail!

Let me thank Miss: Deepa Menon for giving me an opportunity to reconsider my approach and attitude towards such cases; and also I’m thankful to the author for making me recollect the love quotes! Let me end this note with a quote from Amrita Preetham, the famous Punjabi writer–I used to cry for Romeo and Juliet while a teenager, but now I cry for their parents!

That single sentence tells us everything, I presume!

Please click on the “URLLink. Cherukatha samaharam by D. You can read this book on the following devices: Deepa Menon great success in all her endeavors.

Other Details Publisher D. Formats This eBook is available in the following formats: Customer Reviews Rating Distribution. Be the First to Write a Review.